With a background in Fine Art, installation and printmaking my work tries to accommodate in ‘format’ to situations presented, in other words, the work or story emerging often dictates the final outcome.
My work explores subverted truths, revealing manipulation and reinvention of the visual narrative of ‘everyday fairytales’ in life. Explorations into childhood memory and sense of place are often created using a range of media: text, print, space, light, collage and found objects.

My personal interest in art ‘art as artefact’, and how we negotiate the influence of cultural and social history, has influenced the way I think about and approach my work. The body of work I produced for my MA rekindled this thread of historical investigation – An exploration into: ‘reconstructed narratives’ – stories and memories that span time, place and events; events that spin their threads to become the very fabric of our ‘recollection of memories’.